hot apple

Installation, 1995
Frauendokumentationszentrum Graz (DOKU)

Hot Apple Foto:Wolfgang Croce

Photo: Wolfgang Croce

Achtung Hochspannung
Hot analogous space

Object: Apple made of heating rods

Diameter: 1,70 m
Height: 2,70 m
Main power: 380 Volt
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Because oft he high temperature of the heating rods,
the apple needs some kind of shielding to protect the audience.

Hot analogous space
The environment hot apple is realized with a basic sign of Christian and western culture, with the cultural icon of „being woman” with reference to the phylogenetical necessary and cultural restricted attraction and power of the female: the ancient symbol of the apple. It’s excitement is transferred to high energy, "warming" at dangerous heat. At the same time this hot energy is contrasted by the cold medium of digital communication-technologies. It offers the two ways of perception, the sensory perception and the intellectual understanding.

Cold digital space
The physical, experiential heat of the „forbidden“ apple – kept glowing by the constant input of high voltage power – cools as it becomes a digital sign in the process of its transformation within the internet. In this manner the apple looses imminent and real threat.

Sound: Werner Jauk
Due to the power of the heating rods is a continuous sound of 12700 cps, based on the carrier (60 cps). This exiting monotony of these two sinoid sounds is contrasted by artificial noisy musical figure.

[Installation, DOKU] [Installation, DOKU]

Photo: Doris Jauk-Hinz

Statement: Marie-Luise Angerer

Is culture to nature than is genital to digital ?
Or: The Law of the binary code.

The project was part of the project-series "Sonderausstellungen zeitgenössischer Künstlerinnen & Theoretikerinnen & Events & Aktionen" at DOKU Graz,
since 2007 as permanent loan of Energie Graz / Energy Graz
at the Institute of High Voltage Technology, Technical University Graz

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