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hot apple
Installative documentation – picture series, 2019

Part of
I. Expanded Media Art Triennial 2019, Pavillon Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade (RS), 18.04.-13.05.2019
An evening In memoriam Marica Radojcic_The illumination of darkness - the immersion into noise, 30.04.2019
Production: Steirische Kulturinitiative, theoretical concept: Werner Jauk
PDF (engl) / Video documentation by FRAKCIJA (Milica Lapcevic/Vladimir Šojat, RS)

II. In memoriam Marica Radojcic, Aufblitzen, Eintauchen – Nikola Tesla, Mastermind, 17.–29.11.2019
Institute of High Voltage Engineering and System Performance / Tesla Labor, University of Technology Graz
Production: Steirische Kulturinitiative, curators: Doris Jauk-Hinz / Gertrude Moser-Wagner
PDF (de) / Flyer / Photo documentation

apple made of heating rods (230 Volt) / graphical re-presentation of its presence on the www / picture of its verbal description

hot apple focuses on perception and its meaning to the body. The object, made of heating rods, gets to glow by high voltage. Its picture is then posted on the www and finally converted to text. Hereby, the difference of an unmediated perception of the „hot“ apple to the understanding of its mediated „cold “ iconic and its symbolic re-presentation is to be experienced. In addition, the apple metaphorically represents a sexually connoted western cultural symbol.

[hot apple, installative documention, 2019, size: each 48x38x16 cm. Photos: Doris Jauk-Hinz]
hot apple, installative documention, 2019, size: each 48x38x16 cm. Photos: Doris Jauk-Hinz

In 1995 the wo-man-sized hot apple (380 Volt) was made for a feminist project series at DOKU Graz.

Due to the power of the heating rods is a continuous sound of 12700 cps, based on the carrier (60 cps). This exiting monotony of these two synoid sounds is contrasted by an artificial noisy musical figure.
Sound: Werner Jauk

hot apple, installative documention, Belgrade, 2019
Photos: Doris Jauk-Hinz

hot apple, permanent installation since 2007, TU Graz
Photos: DorisJauk-Hinz

Main power: 380 Volt
The object is a permanent loan of Energy Graz
at the Institute of High Voltage Engineering
and System Performance, Graz University
of Technology, since 2007.
hot apple, permanent installation since 2007
hotapple,installative dokumentation, 2019 Photo: IHS, TU Graz

Supported by: Steirische Kulturinitiative, Expanded Media Art Triennial (ULUS, Belgrade), Österreichisches Kulturforum Belgrad, Land Steiermark Kultur, Institute of High Voltage Engineering and System Performance, University of Technology Graz, Stadt Graz, Kulturvermittlung Steiermark.

Sponsoren: Croce & Wir, Wolfgang Croce and E. Loos Elektrowärmetechnik.

Coordination in Belgrade: Nenad Glišic, Jelena Glišic, Milica Lapcevic (ULUS, Belgrade), Doris Jauk-Hinz.

Thanks to all the people involved
Part I in Belgrade: Johannes Irschik and the team of Österreichisches Kulturforum Belgrade, Gertrude Moser-Wagner, Herbert Nichols-Schweiger, Vladimir Šojat, Selman Trtovac.
Part II in Graz: Herbert Nichols-Schweiger, Edith Risse, Arian Andiel, Stephan Lippitsch, Peter Michelitsch, Ludwig Moser, UP Dr. techn. Uwe Schichler, Oliver Pischler, Christof Riedmann, Patrick Ratheiser, Gerald Muster, Eva Ursprung, Julian Jauk.

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