The female currency that compensates for gender inequality.
Since 2017 in Graz

Die Guldinnen, VIDEO >> (1:55), 2021

Feinkost als LEBENS-mittel, 2017/2019
Ausstellung in der Schaufenstergalerie SCHARF
Eröffnung: 8. März, Frauentag 2017
Feinkost MILD, Stubenberggasse 7, 8010 Graz
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Frauentag 2019: Präsentation im Rahmen von
Women* in Action: Das Private ist politisch – no sh*t!
8. März im Schauspielhaus Graz, HAUS ZWEI
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International Women's Day 2020
Die Guldinnen as part of
083 statt 0815! Internationaler Frauen*tag
8. März im Schauspielhaus Graz, Foyer

Wir sind Vision ! Wir sind die Goldene Revolution !
100 jahre in 100 minuten # 008

eine polymediale living Installation von starsky*
Atelierhaus I Semper Depot, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Juli 2021
International Women's Day 2021
Die Guldinnen as part of
Bündnis 0803* zum Internationalen Frauen*tag 2021
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Grazer Frauenpreis 2021, Frauen in Graz
Alle nominierten Projekte werden vorgestellt, mit dabei sind auch DIE GULDINNEN, VIDEO
International Women's Day 2022
Die Guldinnen as part of
Bündnis 0803* zum Internationalen Frauen*tag 2022
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DIE GULDINNEN since 2022 in Vienna
Presentation at „Lichtraum eins“,
Sonia u. Paul Siblik, Heinrich Gasse 2, 1010 Wien

Accept DIE GULDINNEN as currency

[Die Guldinnen_Schaufenstergalerie SCHARF, Foto: Doris Jauk-Hinz]
DIE GULDINNEN as chocolate pralines:
Lilli Philipp / Graz 2017 (l), Konditorei Hagmann / Krems 2019 (r)

Money is the dominant symbolic value in market economy systems, sexual unequality walks along with that.

In 2011 the female GULDINNEN has been imported as regional money into the coupon system of Judenburg. They are the equivalent to the “male Gulden” and refer conceptual to the consisting injustice: Even after 100 years women’s movement women earn today 20% less for the same output. 1000 GULDINNEN have been produced for trading. The daily use of the coin establishes a permanent consciousness for her underlying themes. On the 8th of march, the International Women’s Day, the project undergoes a local expansion: The GULDIN will be imported temporarily in Graz as currency. The purchase and exchange of the coin is possible at Feinkost Mild – like a head office for the money transfer – during the time of the exhibition period for everyone who is interested. 22 shops in the inner city of Graz gave their agreement to accept the GULDIN as currency, and so it will be possible to acquire products from different areas of life.
For the opening of the exhibition an intervention of Doris Jauk-Hinz will take place: The guests are confronted with the injustice and wage inequality. The GULDINNEN are now also available as sweet candies: As chocolate pralines the GULDIN transfers under glazed cloak precarious questions, as well as an explicit questioning of sex-specific living conditions.

Curation:contemporary collective graz (Elisabeth Saubach und Iris Kasper)

DIE GULDINNEN was part of the collective project BEWEGTE STANDPUNKTE. It was realized 2011 as an artist in residence program of the City of Judenburg, together with Nicole Oberrainer (andersARTIG) and Kerstin Rajnar_frau mag rosa pink (PakeTRaum) - focusing on “100 Years Of Women’s Rights”.

Die Guldinnen_Plan_Geschäfte_Graz Die Guldinnen_Liste_Geschäfte_Graz

Following shops in the inner city of Graz gave their
agreement to accept the GULDIN as currency

Head office for the money transfer in Graz
Doris Jauk-Hinz
MobilNr: ++43(0)664/9267006
E: doris.jauk-hinz@mur.at

Die Guldinnen in Graz, Kleine Zeitung, 8. März 2017
Kleine Zeitung, 8 March 2017

[LOGOS] www.facebook.com/Schaufenstergaleriescharf/

Unterstützt von: Feinkost MILD, Lilli Philipp, Julian Jauk
und den beteiligten GeschäftsinhaberInnen.

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